How Much Does a Retaining Wall Cost?

Oftentimes, retaining walls service an extremely crucial role in maintaining the grade of your landscape and stopping soil erosion. They sometimes hold back the land, preventing it from moving around. Retaining walls are functional. However, they can also be beautiful. You can even make them the focal point of your property.  

You might be planning to install retaining walls on your property. If so, you need to prepare your budget. However, how much does a retaining wall cost? What are the factors that affect its price? 

Well, aside from the cost of a block wall contractor Mesa, AZ, here are several other factors to consider: 


The materials for a retaining wall can vary in price from $10 to $50 per square foot. Some of the most common materials for retaining walls include natural stone, interlocking concrete blocks, wood, and cinder block. 

  • Natural Stone 

Natural stone retaining walls are extremely appealing. Stones can vary in size from several inches to several feet. Typically, natural stone costs $30 to $40 per square foot. Oftentimes, they cost more compared to concrete blocks since they’re more difficult to install. 

  • Interlocking Concrete Block 

These blocks are attractive. They’re structured and made specifically for use in retaining walls. Typically, block walls cost $15 to $25 per square foot. This can differ depending on the form of the block. If you install them properly, concrete blocks can last for a long period. They also add beauty to your landscape.  

  • Wood Timbers 

Since timbers are strong and beautiful, they are an excellent material for retaining walls. Oftentimes, wood timbers cost $10 to $20 per square foot. They also last for a long period. Unfortunately, they usually degrade and rot over time. Thus, you will have to replace them eventually.  

  • Cinder Block 

This type of block is a cost-effective material for a retaining wall. These blocks typically cost around $7 to $15 per square foot. Oftentimes, a cinder block isn’t the most desirable option for a retaining wall. The reason for this is that it isn’t made structurally for lateral support. However, you can use cinder blocks for short retaining walls.  

You can paint or install plaster to cinder blocks to enhance its look.  


Labor is a major cost for any project that includes construction. The cost of labor will greatly vary on the complexity, scale, and size of your construction project. Oftentimes, labor cost to build a retaining wall range between $45 to $50 per hour. However, you will have to estimate the amount of labor required first.  

Think about requesting an estimate to get a precise labor cost. If you want to lower the overall cost of your project, you can do the job yourself.  

Overall Cost 

You can use a lot of various materials to blend with any design. The cost of retaining wall differ from one factor to another.  

Typically, a new retaining wall costs $2,500 to $8,500. The factors that we mentioned above influence the overall price. However, there might be surprises down the line. Thus, you have to prepare for these costs as well.  

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